Kitchen PLAY Inner Circle 2018 Application

Thank you for your interest in working with Kitchen PLAY on our 2018 programs. Here are some of the opportunities we will have available this year:

~ Original blog posts with original recipe(s)
~ Facebook Live or other video
~ Twitter Parties
~ Blog posts with messaging and giveaway components
~ ambassador programs

Please provide the information requested below so that we can stay in touch with you throughout the selection process. If a URL is requested, please provide the full address, including "http:// or https://". If you wish to skip a required answer, simply write "N/A" in the box provided.

If you are selected to be part of the Kitchen PLAY Inner Circle 2018 you will be contacted via email. For more information on this opportunity please visit: (Only Kitchen PLAY Marketplace members can view this posting, but you can become a complimentary member here:

Kitchen PLAY Inner Circle 2018
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