Use of Space Questionnaire
Arlington Presbyterian Church recognizes that, like money, space has a distinct value. APC is committed to our core values and mission statement by sharing our space in common with our neighbors. Our practices concerning space reflect a vision of building relationships in community, working in listening, reflecting, communicating, and supporting inclusivity and hospitality.

If you'd like to be a part of these commitments, please answer the questionnaire to the best of your ability. Once received, someone from our team will contact you within a week of the request. Please allow for that time when submitting your request.
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Facility Information
All of APC's entrances and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Four all gendered/ADA compliant bathrooms are available.

The sanctuary, pantry, and gathering area are available for request. The sanctuary can be configured in a variety of ways. Tables are also available to set up in the sanctuary.

The garden is located on the corner of Lincoln St and 9th. Chairs and tables are available upon request. Limited electricity is available through the use of generators. Please note in the comments below if you need to discuss the use and cost of generators. 
APC Facilities/Garden
Please describe your proposed activity: *
What space and facilities will you want to use? (Please select all that apply) *
Date request: *
Please indicate the date of your request, and earliest you'd like to be in the space.
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Please indicate how many hours you'd like to reserve the space.
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If requesting APC indoor space, do you need access to the piano, projector and/or electronic equipment (sound system)? If so, please describe.

If requesting APC garden, do you need access to electricity and/or sound system?
The use of Arlington Presbyterian's space means additional cleaning for our staff. Are you able to pay the cleaning costs of $150?

If you are using the garden, are you able to clean-up and take-away trash?
How best can APC help you make your activity a success? *
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