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Thank you very much for your interest in crowd funding at SJSU. Please complete and submit the application below and you will be contacted by the Office of Annual Giving shortly.
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Relationship to SJSU *
If student organization, then advisor's name
If student organization, then advisor's contact email
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Please tell us about your group. *
What is your group's main purpose, how many members do you have, links to organization web pages or social media accounts.
Tell us about the make-up of your leadership team for this project. *
How many team members will you have working hands-on on this project? How many campaign ambassadors do you have capable of using their personal networks to promote your campaign, who is responsible for creating the required video, photography, and copy content?
Tell us about your project and what you would like to accomplish with the funds raised. *
Are you raising money for an event, to bring in a speaker, for a trip, etc. What would be the positive impact on your members and/or the community through the use of these funds?
How soon do you need the funds? *
What is your monetary goal for this project? What is the minimum amount needed to make the impact you hope for? *
The typical range for this platform is $2,500 to $20,000. We recommend setting a conservative goal.
What is your proposed project launch date? *
How is your group prepared to provide video, photo, and other campaign content on the scheduled timetable leading up to project launch as well as during the campaign? *
Required campaign content includes at least one video, several compelling photos, and other promotional content for project launch and in updates throughout the project. It is not expected to have the use of professional resources for these materials.
Describe your group’s preparedness to commit the effort required for a full scale crowdfunding campaign. *
What plans or strategies do you have for soliciting gifts from your network? How do you intend on managing your time and delegating the workload to make sure you meet project deadlines? Is your entire group aware of the expected commitment for the campaign?
For questions, please contact Jason Brown, Annual Giving Officer, at
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