Math Course Authorization Form
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REGISTRATION: Any student requests for courses which have already met will be rejected. If you are requesting access to a Fall 2019 course that has already met, you MUST CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR so they can submit the request on your behalf.

Please read these instructions carefully. Incorrect forms will NOT be processed. Requirements for all overrides can be found at the bottom of this form. Questions should be directed to

STUDENTS: Please ensure that submitted information is accurate. If you submit an incorrect student ID number or an incorrect email address, it will delay your authorization, or even render it impossible. If, after 2 business days, you are unable to register for this class, please check your email for a response. If no response is received, email your name, ID number, and course requested, to

ADVISORS: If you are requesting authorization for a student to enter a Mathematics course, please ensure that all information, especially NEIU ID number, is accurate. Please provide a detailed rationale for this request in the Comments section. Note that all requirements will apply unless special dispensation is received from the Mathematics Department Chair.

FACULTY: DO NOT USE THIS FORM. Use the Faculty Authorization Form, available on request from the Math Administration Office.
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CLAS - Student is not correct class standing, mainly undergraduate students attempting to take 400-level courses
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Important Information Regarding Authorization Requests
If you are unable to register for a Mathematics course through NEIUPort, this is most likely due to the lack of a prerequisite course. An up-to-date list of all Mathematics courses and prerequisites can be found here:

If you have taken the prerequisite at another university, it may not automatically transfer and we will have to review your transcript to verify completion of the course with the appropriate grade. If you are currently taking the course at this university, we will be able to grant you CONDITIONAL authorization, which will be removed if you do not complete the course with the appropriate grade. If you are currently taking the course at another institution, or if this course is not displayed on your transcript, you will have to send proof of completion to for our review. However, we will be unable to give you an authorization until AFTER you have completed the course

If a course is full, you can request that the instructor of the course authorize you above that limit. This is completely at their discretion. No authorizations for Capacity Override will be given unless this authorization is received first. WE WILL NOT CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR ON YOUR BEHALF. If they do not authorize you for a capacity override, you can place yourself on the waitlist for the course through NEIUPort. If a student drops that course and you are at the top of the waitlist, you will receive a notification to your NMail that you are authorized to register. If you do not register within 48 hours, you will be removed from the waitlist and the authorization will pass to the next student in line.

Once the semester has started, ALL courses require instructor approval, even if you have all necessary prerequisites and there are open seats in the class. The only exceptions is if the course has not yet met, e.g. the course meets Wednesday and you are requesting the override on the first Monday of the semester. In that case, instructor approval is NOT required and you would only need to meet prerequisite requirements.

If you require a TIME override to attend a course that overlaps the meeting time of another course, you will need approval from the instructors of BOTH courses. No requests for TIME Override will be given unless this authorization is received first. WE WILL NOT CONTACT THE INSTRUCTORS ON YOUR BEHALF.
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