SaharaSafaris Club (SSC) Members Registration Form
1-Fill this form to end
2-Whatsapp 01111254411 Eng. Mohamed Mabrouk the Club's Admin
( ) and inform of your Name and ask for your SSC-ID

If you have just forgot your permanent SSC-ID, DON'T FILL THIS FORM AGAIN. Instead, message to Mabrouk (that's how we call him) your name and mobile number and ask for your forgotten SSC-ID.

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Official Telegram Channel:
Facebook GROUP:

- Well-introduced members, supports trust and help customize trips/projects for the Community specific background and group age, etc. (we've been official on year 2000 with nearly 10 years of activities before, so Founder Eng. Mohamed Mabrouk knows a couple of thousands face-to-face who've joined shoulder-to-shoulder activities with him, now is time to make it more organized and useful for all)
- This is a safety-conscious group, we MUST ask you here some questions about what to do to help you or need to help others.
- By having a permanent SSC-ID we can get you ALL the Club's group discount (see Logbook page in our website. )
- Saves time entering your contacts and safety things every time you sign up with the Club's trips, activities, etc.
- plus future surprises :)

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OPTIONAL... How else can we help customize trips/activities if we don't know the age groups?
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