workchaincenters Video bunty
Video Campaign 15%
Stakes will base to its quality.
* High Quality = 15 stakes.
* Good Quality = 10 stakes.
* Normal Quality = 5 stakes.
The content of the video should be unique/original to be approved. Copying and translating other’s videos, as well as using other’s stuff like videos, images, etc., is prohibited and will lead to disqualification. You can use our official images, logo, graphics and other published on our website and in the ANN thread (
Posting in wrong section, deleted post by mods and spamming is strictly prohibited and will not be accepted.
Each participant is allowed to create/submit a maximum of 10 unique videos.
The video description must also contain a link to your BTT profile in order to prove your authorship.
Reposting a unique videos to another platform will earn you additional 50% stakes. (Only 1 repost is allowed).
Videos should be relevant and related to Workchaincenters ICO (Team, whitepaper, token sale, roadmap, etc.) and contain a link to our website to be approved.
We have the right to not accept and disqualified your submission without prior reason.
You must join in telegram.

BONUS Videos campaing
1 minute + share in Facebook + share in Twitter = 20 stakes
2 minutes + share in Facebook + share in Twitter = 30 stakes
>3 minutes + share in Facebook + share in Twitter + share in linkedin= 40 stakes.

We have your wallet, you receive your tokens ASAP
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