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Note that there is no guarantee that what you are requesting will be found by the Archives Department, however fees will still be charged for undertaking searches. If it is unlikely that what you are looking for is in our archives, you will be contacted before we start any work.

Research fees for staff to search for records, undertake research or supply archival material for research purposes are $55.00 per hour which includes GST. Pro-rata charges will be applied.

Image reproduction fees for the supply of photographic images are:

- $30.00 minimum charge for first scan or print, includes GST
- $20.00 for each subsequent scan or print, includes GST
- License fees for the use of photos for publication or commercial purposes are $100.00 per image per use (includes GST)

Note that the quality of digital copies will vary depending on the original image. Melbourne Health retains such copyright as it may have in the original images. Images reproduced or displayed must acknowledge the source as “The Royal Melbourne Hospital Archives”.

FOR ACCESS TO PATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS, the Archives holds Royal Melbourne Hospital records from 1856 to 1910. FOR ALL RECORDS AFTER 1910 CONTACT THE HOSPITAL'S FREEDOM OF INFORMATION OFFICER. Some records from 1908 – 1974 may also be held at the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). When contacting the PROV, quote Series Numbers: VPRS 10234 for 1908-1932 and VPRS 10060 for 1926-1974.

Incomplete patient admittance registers are also held for The Royal Melbourne Hospital - Royal Park Campus predecessor institutions, including: Immigrants & Aid Society, Victorian Homes for Aged and Infirm and Mount Royal Hospital. Note that these records only contain the dates of admittance and discharge and do not contain medical information, information regarding next of kin, or reasons why a person was admitted. To access these records, please complete the enquiry form below.

Freedom of Information Officer at RMH:

Public Record Office Victoria
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