Afghan Business Communities Survey Form
We, at are creating an innovative web and mobile application where business communities can advertise their valuable products and/or services for their target-audience in a very effective approach available yet; thus, we need to know what do businesses expect from such a platform for advertising their products or services on.
As this survey sheet will be used for the mentioned cause, please help us do the right and the best things for you, by providing your honest opinions.
Note: You can skip the questions you don't want to answer.
Do you have the ownership of any business in Afghanistan?
What is the name of your business?
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In which category does your business fall?
Where is your business located?
Have you advertised your products or services on the Internet?
Which online platforms have you used for your advertisements?
How satisfying the results were?
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Perfect Results
How fair the prices are?
Very Unfair
Very Fair
What is the most important matter for your ads?
Regarding to your past experience, what do you think is the right price to be charged for making 1,000 target-audience fully read and watch you ad? (Amount in AFN)
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In just two lines, please submit your suggestions or expectations from an upcoming online advertising platform. (optional)
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Thank You!
Thank you for taking your time to fill out this form, we will be using this data to make the best decisions possible.
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