Sator AmbasSator Program

🔥 Become an AmbasSator!

 ❗️ AmbasSator contributions
🔸 Raise awareness of Sator Web3 Network
🔸 Popularize Sator mobile app, Sator NFT marketplace, Sator NFT drops and other Sator news
🔸 Add activity across Sator social channels
🔸 Encourage people to follow @SatorSAO 
🔸 Drive more Sator app downloads 
🔸 Communicate to public how to utilize Sator and its utility token SAO
❗️ AmbasSator benefits
🔸 Monthly $SAO bag
🔸 Exposure to Sator community
🔸 Early access to new games
🔸 Connections with Sator team
🔸 Metaverse VR parties
🔸 Sator swag gear
🔸 Exclusive NFT airdrops

❗️ AmbasSator registration
🔸 Complete web form 
🔸 Designate 1 or more strengths: Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok
🔸 Receive denial or approval; approval lasts 3 months
📌 AmbasSator requirements
Join Sator official telegram community
Follow Sator Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Medium and TikTok
By invitation-only, join AmbasSator telegram group
You must be at least 18 years old
Your social accounts must be > 6 months old
Monthly, submit mandatory activity report showing screenshots and links to posts and media
❗️ AmbasSator rewards
💲 Only limited number of participants get selected to become AmbasSators
💲 Once required number of candidates selected and all spots are filled, registration will be closed. 
💲 Rewards go to participant's Sator wallet, or other Solana-based wallet
💲 Monthly activity is evaluated based upon both quality and quantity

❗️ AmbasSator monthly activity reports are mandatory 
🔹 Format: date, your name, your social handles
🔹 Content: screenshots and links to your posts/reposts
🔹 Content: screenshots and links to any original media and content you created about Sator
🔹 Submission: email report to and cc 
🔹 You must send a new activity report to our administrator ( at the end of every month
🔹 At the end of the month, it will take us a few days to review your report and distribute reward to you

❗️ AmbasSator disqualifications
Don’t delete posts you do for Sator 
Don’t criticize Sator nor disclose internal information
Don’t use SAO on the darknet 
Don’t engage in public scandals that could damage the reputation of Sator
Don’t use offensive or inappropriate language 
Don’t use multiple accounts, untrusted accounts, fraud or spam
Don’t copy or use others’ work
Don’t cheat and don’t buy fake followers
Don’t post about gambling, erotica, politics, tobacco, alcohol, meet, animal cruelty

❗️ AmbasSator misc
Program may require signing of an NDA and/or agreement
Program subject to change at any time without notice
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