Bold Body Babes - Fitness Group Interest Form
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Goals (check all that apply)
Out of the above: is there one that sticks out to you as your MAIN goal? How long do you want to give yourself to reach this goal?
What forms of exercise are you doing? Example: strength training, crossfit, zumba, pilates, yoga? how often?
What types of diets or nutrition plans have you tried in the past (ex: Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Keto, Whole30, Paleo, etc.)
Do you currently use any supplements or vitamins?
Tell me a little bit about your past experiences with dieting, exercise, and weight loss/gain. Don't be afraid to get detailed, again this is only shared with me.
OPTIONAL: Please upload a few photos of yourself in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. These are PRIVATE and only for me and you and will not be shared without permission.
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