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Welcome to your AWAKE experience application. This is just a quick form to make sure you are aligned with the process and that you are ready for everything we are about to embark on. So first question nice and easy, what is your full name- *
What drew you to the AWAKE retreat experience? *
Do you feel like you have a niggle or inner scream inside that needs to be answered? *
What is something that your soul longs to do that you are not currently doing? *
What is something you would like to embody and/or gain more of from this experience? *
Do you have any questions? *
Finally are you ready to commit to yourself? To commit to change? To open yourself up and try things you have not tried before with a curious spirit in order to shift? Are you ready to leave behind what does not serve you and live your highest truth and vision and are you ready to let go of the 'shoulds' and to step into the fullest version of you? *
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