Dinner Diplomacy
Becoming Dinner Diplomacy Host provides a unique, interactive, and mutually beneficial opportunity for international leaders and local families to connect. As a Dinner Diplomacy Host, you can literally bring the world to your kitchen table. Often proclaimed as the most memorable aspect of the IVLP journey, participants are keen to gather insight from Americans and vis versa.

Expectations of Dinner Diplomacy Hosts are as follows:

1. Hosting a dinner is a unique and highly gratifying way to get involved with the IVLP participants. Dinners typically last 2 hours but can go shorter/longer depending on the host's availability.

2. Dinner Diplomacy Hosts are expected to provide a welcoming environment and a meal. Dinner Diplomacy Hosts are encouraged to invite friends/family, however if this alters the total number of possible guests, please inform the Global Ties Arizona Program Officer.

3. Delegations vary in size from 1 to 25, however, larger groups are often split between several households to allow for a more intimate setting.

4. All dietary and religious restrictions of participants are communicated by the Program Officer approximately 1 week before arrival. The Program Officer will also provide the visitors' biographies once they become available.
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