Volunteer Mississippi thanks you for recognizing your outstanding volunteers!
Please complete and submit this form to receive recognition letters and certificates signed by First Lady Deborah Bryant.
Name of Requesting Organization *
Please type the name of the organization that is requesting recognition.
Organization Contact Person *
Please type the name of a person that can be contacted about the request.
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All Certificates and Letters will be mailed to the Requesting Organization for distribution. Please type street address, city, state and zip code.
Full Name of Volunteer(s) or Group(s) to be Recognized *
Certificates and letters may be requested for up to 60 individual volunteers or 60 volunteer groups (or a combination of both) once every 6 months, and should not exceed a total of 120 requests within a 1-year period. Please type the full name of each volunteer or group as it would appear on the certificate.
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