Kickoff of Fall Marathon Training (information needed)
We are looking to kickoff the FCRC Fall Marathon Training on Sunday, June 9th. We want to make this program as tailored as possible to all participants. Please take the time to answer this questionnaire as specifically as possible only if you plan to take part in the program. Please remember, this program will cost $25, which will include an FCRC singlet/tank top, private/closed Facebook group for participant interaction, training schedule, group runs with water and gels, and more, and will be targeted at any/all fall marathon participant(s) (Long View, New Fall Equinox Marathon, Chicago, Marine Corps, New York, etc).
What is your current (weekly) mileage? Please enter your distance or at least an estimate (30 miles, 30-40 miles). *
What is your estimated finish time for the marathon/what is the finish time you are training for? *
How would you characterize yourself as a marathoner? *
What workouts are you familiar with? *
What marathon are you training for and what is the date? You know, if it's not super local or a big one, we might not know.
What is/are your goal/s for this marathon? Is it a PR, BQ, lose weight, other? *
Can you help out as either a mentor/pacer/organizer, etc with the training runs? *
Would you rather have a 7am long run on: *
For weekday runs, do you prefer: *
Please provide us with your name and email address. *
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