Mondays @ the Museum Purchase Form
What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing access to a streaming video, and online/downloadable support materials via a Google link.

Access is provided per email address.
For example: = 1 access point to video & support materials
access/link is NOT shareable

Single access purchases of individual classes and bundles can also be made via Teachers Pay Teachers via this link:

Single access is suggested for:
1. Any person using/presenting videos & materials in person or online: individually, in a small group or classroom using one shared space, screen or online classroom

IF you are a CLASSROOM TEACHER needing to share a link to your online classroom students (for example: Mrs. O'Neil wants to make watching video 4 an assignment for her students in Google Classroom):
1. Select a Single Access purchase option
2. Select the box indicating that you are a Classroom teacher
You will receive a follow up email to verify and provide shareable links

Multiple access purchases MUST be purchased by filling out this form.

Multiple access is suggested for:
1. School Districts purchasing access to distribute district-wide
2. Principals purchasing access to distribute to teachers school-wide
3. Homeschool group leaders purchasing access for multiple families
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Please share your First Name and Last Name *
Group/School/District/Institution Name ; please mark N/A if not applicable *
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Single Access Purchases
Multiple Access Purchases Full course: Sessions 1-6
Multiple Access Purchases Part 1 only : Sessions 1-3
Multiple Access Purchases Part 2 only: Sessions 4-6
Please pay for your course by clicking on the link that will be provided in the confirmation message you will receive upon completion of this form. Type in the total amount owed from your licensing choice(s) above. Payments will be adjusted accordingly via refund or direct invoice if necessary. Upon receipt of correct payment, license(s) will be distributed and you will be informed via email. If you are purchasing multiple licenses, you will receive special instructions in your confirmation email as to how to share emails for licensing.
Thank you for your purchase!
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