Resiliency Champion of the Year Nomination Form
Resiliency is the ability to “bounce back” from difficult circumstances.

Characteristics of resilient individuals include:
• Commitment to their values and a strong sense of meaning or purpose
• Healthy relationships
• An ability to look at situations realistically and problem solve
• Positive self-care habits
• Appreciation of the positive aspects of life

Resiliency Champions are advocates for positive personal and cultural change who work to build and support individual and team resilience at BJC. They do this by building and strengthening their own resiliency, implementing activities in their department, sharing information and best practices, and advocating for practices in the workplace that contribute to resiliency. To be considered for nomination, the BJC employee must have taken the BJC Resiliency Champion training.

Resiliency Champion of the Year nominations for 2019 must be received by Oct. 30, 2019.

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Tell us what your nominee has done to promote resiliency in your department or within the organization.
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