Processing Community Day NL / Utrecht: OPENRNDR Workshop
SIGN UP is now closed. We're looking forward to seeing all you signuppees today at Processing Community Day NL Utrecht!


Please use the form below to SIGN UP for the workshop OPENRNDR. Note that this workshop will take place at Sensor Lab on Saturday January 26 at 13:30.

Workshop description: in the workshop RNDR / Edwin Jakobs, Gabor Kerekes / give an introduction to the OPENRNDR framework. OPENRNDR forms a new set of tools and adds a new taste to creativecoding. The framework is written in the Kotlin programming language, which comes with an interesting set of language features that offer new ways of structuring programs. The introduction will be practical; participants are instructed and assisted to make a series of generative posters using the tools that OPENRNDR offers.

The workshop will be at a beginner level but we welcome expert participants.
Bring a laptop, OPENRNDR supports macOS, Windows and Linux platforms.

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