James Hubert Blake High School
October 16, 2019 Open House Feedback Form

Thank you for attending our Open House this evening. In order to improve our performance at future open houses we are asking you to take a few moments to provide us with your feedback below. We appreciate you attending this evening and taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
1. Did you take a guided tour? (If not, please skip to #5) *
2. If yes, please rate the tour on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being not very informative to 5 being informative.
3. Was your tour guide knowledgeable about Blake High School?
4. Was your tour guide prepared and able to answer your questions?
5. If you did not use a tour guide, were you satisfied with the script and information provided on your self guided tour?
6. In general, what was positive or noteworthy about this evening's Open House?
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7. Was there any aspect of Blake High School that you did not see that we could include in the future?
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8. What additional comments or suggestions do you have?
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