EPM Vendor Application
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Public Market!  Vendors are invited to bring products to market at our newly-renovated store front in the heart of Eagle, WI.  EPM is a hub for "Local at its Best", with a focus on food, beverage, and other consumables that are high quality, high value and in high demand.

Best of all, vendors keep 100% of sales (minus your credit card fees).  There are no long term commitments.  We can scale to accommodate almost any vendor, from a large anchor with their own dedicated market space to a micro-seller who only needs shelf space for a single item.

EPM will use this application to calculate a flat monthly vendor fee based on shelf space and type needed.

For questions, please email: info@eaglepublicmarket.com

Thank you!

Eagle Public Market
111 E Main St
Eagle, WI 53119
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Do you currently have a Seller's Permit, WI Registered Business License and/or proper licenses to sell your products? *
To become a vendor at the Eagle Public Market, we require each of our vendors to possess a Seller's Permit, WI Registered Business License or proper licensing based on your product. Eagle Public Market requires a copy of your license(s).
Do you charge sales tax on your products? If so, when do you pay your sales tax to the state? *
Eagle Public Market escrows the sales tax collected at the registers and then EPM pays it out to the vendors (via check) and the vendor pays their sales tax to the state of Wisconsin. (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually).
What is the best way to display your items? *
Examples: shelf, basket, tabletop, hanging, cooler, freezer, etc.
What size display space do you need? *
? ft wide x ? ft tall/deep
How often can you re-supply product? *
EPM staff stock and face product displays. Vendors will receive inventory counts by email.
Item List
Provide a list of items for sale below in this format:

1) Item Name
(a) retail price per unit
(b) container type
(c) shelf life
(d) unit height (inches) x width (inches)

*Container type examples: glass mason jar, paper pint container, half-peck bag, plastic bottle, no container, etc.
*For bulk items like produce or dry goods, answer "bulk" for (b) and skip unit size.
Enter items list here *
1) Item Name; (a) retail price per unit; (b) ideal display type; (c) container type; (d) shelf life; (e) unit height (inches) x width (inches); (f) # of display rows
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