2020 IEEE Toronto Scholarship Application
The IEEE Toronto Section supports the education and training of undergraduate engineering students through a series of scholarships. The scholarships are available to students in the colleges and universities that are affiliated with the IEEE Toronto Section.


Key Dates:
Application Deadline: August 15th, 2020
Award winners are contacted: Sept, 2020
Award Distribution: IEEE Toronto Annual General Meeting in Nov. 2020 (winners must attend in person)

The scholarship seeks to encourage students to strive for both academic and real-world design excellence, and also to encourage students to reflect on the goals and impact of the engineering profession. The selection criteria emphasize your vision for the engineering profession, how you are preparing for the technical challenges of the profession, and also how you perceive the social implications of engineering. Due to low word-count limit in these questions, you should focus on the aspects that are most important to you.

Eligible Institutions in for 2020 (based on the good standing of the IEEE Student Branches):
- University of Toronto (2 x $2000 scholarships), including the Bruno D. Stefano Scholarship
- Ryerson University (2 x $2000 scholarships), including the Wallas Khella Scholarship
- York (1x$1000)
- UOIT (1x$1000)
- Humber (1x$1000)
- Centennial (1x$1000)
- Seneca (1x$1000)

If you have any questions please contact Wadi Naoum (wadi.naoum@ieee.org)
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IEEE Membership Number (only IEEE student members, at the time of application are eligible) *
This scholarship will be awarded at the IEEE Toronto Annual General Meeting, which will be held on in Nov. 2020. Please confirm if you will be able to attend this event if selected as a winner. *
What is your cumulative GPA in your program of study (please convert to a 4.0 scale) ** note that the top candidates will be asked to submit a transcript for verification. Only Applicants in good standing, with a GPA above 3.0 are eligible. *
Why have you decided to study engineering, and what are your plans after graduation? What are your 5 year and 10 year goals? (900 Char.) *
Please talk about one of your favourite lectures during your studies. Explain briefly what the lecture covered, and why you found that lecture to be interesting/fun/useful? (600 Char.) *
Please highlight a design project that you have completed (either part of a course, or extracurricular). Explain briefly the goal of the project, what your achievements were, what creative solutions you proposed, and what you are most proud of. (1200 Char.) *
Explain briefly how you are preparing to be part of the engineering profession? How have you connected with other engineers and what do you think is most important about being an engineer? (900 Char.) *
How have you supported the engineering and/or university community. You may talk about volunteer activities, or other ways in which you feel you have made a positive contribution. (600 Char.) *
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