Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care HMIS User Agreement
The Texas BoS CoC’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) of choice is ClientTrack. ClientTrack (trademarked and copyrighted by Eccovia Solutions) is a client information system design to store longitudinal person-level information about the men, women and children who access homeless and other human services in a community. HMIS is used to configure, facilitate, and protect data integrity and sharing among Contributory HMIS Organizations (CHOs) for the purpose of coordinated service delivery and reporting in the CoC region. Texas Homeless Network (THN) is the HMIS Lead Agency as defined by HUD.

The purpose of this User Agreement is to ensure the proper use of HMIS licenses issued to the CHOs HMIS users (Users). The steps required for acquiring, maintaining and terminating HMIS licenses are listed below.
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Get a New HMIS User License
HMIS licenses are available only to participating CHOs who sign and abide by the HMIS Agency Participation Agreement. Each prospective User and Direct Supervisor must sign and submit the HMIS User Agreement (this document) to the HMIS Data Center. A User license will only be issued upon successful completion of the initial HMIS User Training and receipt of signed documentation.

Users will receive a temporary password via email within three workdays after completing the training. User must log into ClientTrack HMIS immediately to change password and complete recovery information requirements, in case of lost password. Any issues with login, User ID, password, etc. must be reported immediately to the HMIS Data Center via email or phone.
Keep Your Current HMIS User License
Users not participating into HMIS for more than 45 days will be locked out due to non-activity. THN requires a fee to reactivate a locked out account; the fee must be paid with a company check and sent to THN office. Certain User licenses may be exempt from this rule if previously approved by THN.

Passwords must be changed annually, but HMIS Data Center recommends a 90-day update. If a user forgets the password, user should use proper channels to re-set the password. Hint: it’s part of the HMIS Training.
Terminate a HMIS User License
THN HMIS Data Center staff must be notified by the Agnecy Admin when an HMIS User leaves the agency or transfers positions and will no longer access HMIS. This notification must be made within 24 hours by email or phone. THN HMIS Data Center staff may terminate a User license for a number of reasons, including: fraud, misuse, negligence, license sharing, inactivity, client duplication, etc. HMIS User’s supervisor will be notified of any license terminations. An HMIS User license may be reactivated in some cases, provided that the User’s supervisor is informed, gives assurances about future usage and the User completes a new training.
HMIS User Responsibility
Your User Name and Password give you access to THN HMIS. Initial each item below to indicate your understanding and acceptance on the proper use of your HMIS Credentials. Failure to uphold the standards of the THN HMIS is grounds for immediate access removal from the THN HMIS and may result in personnel action.
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Code of Ethics
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