Freemantle C of E Academy - Parent / Carer Survey
The Government have proposed that a staggered re-entry into the academy ‘might’ be possible from June 1st. In order to support this planning and help us put appropriate safety measures in place, please respond to this short survey. We do understand that the results of this survey will be based on individual circumstances and needs.

We want to support you and your child/children, we want to hear your feedback to enable us to work together for the benefit of our children, to plan and understand how parents / carers feel about the government’s announcement. Please spend a few moments completing this survey.
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Please tick the option that best reflects your feeling at this time. *
I am happy for my child to attend school from 1st June or soon after; *
Following Government announcement’s and based on what we know at this point in time, will you consider sending your child back to the academy before the summer holidays?
If you do intend to send your child back to the academy before the summer holidays, would you still consider this, should this be on reduced hours?
The academy will NOT be penalising pupils for non-attendance, do you agree that this is right?
The academy has put a significant amount of support in place for our children during the national lockdown. Do you feel as parents you have been supported by;
Has this support helped to meet the needs of your child? *
Staff have been telephoning home and making direct contact with you and your children. Do you feel that this has been useful to you and your child? *
Is there anything that you would like to tell us that could further improve the support that we offer? *
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