NJF's Educator of the Year Nomination Form
National Jazz Festival's Educator of the Year Award is awarded to an exemplary educator who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to students and to jazz music education. The awardee models best practices in teaching inside and outside of the classroom and demonstrates outstanding leadership and excellence in education. recipient of the Jazz Educator of the Year is nominated online and then selected by the NJF Educator Award Committee.

Any or all of these criteria will influence the committee's decision:

- The nominee’s effectiveness as an exceptionally well prepared and talented teacher of jazz music and the extent of his/her success in inspiring and engaging students in their own learning, both in and out of the classroom
- The nominee’s contributions to the school and/or community that have greatly enhanced the emotional and intellectual life of students
- The extent to which the nominee’s work has had a particularly profound influence on students’ learning, whatever their musical strengths or weaknesses
- Innovative teaching activities during COVID restrictions on schools

See last year's winner here: https://www.nationaljazzfestival.org/awards/

We may contact you for further information via email.

The winner will be announced at the virtual award ceremony on May 22, 2021 on NJF YouTube.
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