2017 Feldenkrais Method® Conference
Volunteer Work Exchange Application Form
Work Exchange Application
The success of the conference depends greatly on the Work Exchange Team Members. We appreciate their involvement and we strive for building a supportive, enthusiast and fun work environment.

To be part of the WE Team, you need to be an FGNA member, attend the full conference and participate in our morning meetings (meetings over breakfast in the dining hall).

The Conference starts on Wednesday, August 23rd and ends on Sunday August 27th.
As a volunteer, you are expected to arrive few hours early on Wednesday and leave few hours late on Sunday in order to help with the set-up and break-down.

You will be able to attend the workshops you signed up for. The main work happens before and after the workshops so you should not miss anything!

Please note: Guild Membership is required to complete the Work Exchange Application***

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We will have an Initial Meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd at 4pm, can you be there? *
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Have you done Work Exchange at an FGNA Conference before? *
If yes, in what year(s) did you do Work Exchange? What was your role?
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Can you agree to attend our Breakfast Meetings? Meetings are held in the dining hall at 7.30am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. These meetings are important for briefing the team and coordinating each day’s activity.
Describe any limitation or accommodation you would need as a Work Exchange Team Member (e.g. can you lift an FI table with someone else, lift boxes, walk stairs, etc....)
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We will be creating a Work Exchange team roster. Can you provide a current photo? *
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