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● High School students incorporate innovation and creativity into their redesign of a “Power Wheels Jeep” to create an autonomous vehicle capable of navigation.
● Each team begins with an off the shelf Power Wheels style toddler Jeep and is held to a $1,000 budget for completing all components of the mission.
● Each design team is required to develop a plan to excite 100 younger students about engineering, science, and math around the AVD project in their school (Square One engineering ambassadors) and deliver the project prior to Competition Day. Only completed ambassadorship programs can be fully scored. Teams are encouraged to kick the year off with the ambassadorship outreach program--don’t wait until the end!

Corporate Partner Detail:
● Partnering businesses contribute guidance and expertise to the team as in-kind support.
● Corporate coaches are provided to coach students and teachers in the processes of re- engineering, electronics, mechatronics, and sensor technology.
● Coaches and teachers do NOT build the vehicles, students do.

School Design Team Detail:
● Teams/clubs should consist of at least 5-10 high school students, and one teacher.
● Teams can be comprised of a dedicated class within a curriculum.
● Teams must develop a well-articulated professional plan toward the innovative designs of their vehicle.

General Parameters
● Teams are allowed to utilize 10% of their budget to creatively engage 100 middle/elementary students around the engineering lessons involved in their vehicle.
● Teams must have their vehicles complete and ready for performance day, but attend the event regardless of vehicle’s status. Location and date TBD -- around end of May near Irvine.
● Teams must meet all safety requirements as outlined in the project parameters.
● Appropriate Square One, and corporate sponsor logos must appear on each side of the vehicle. Square One will provide the files to each team. Teams are encouraged to customize the exterior of the vehicle and include school logos. Paint it!! Logos CANNOT be taped on pieces of paper. They should be stenciled directly on the Jeep or vinyl cut stencils.
● Teams must provide a spreadsheet documenting their expenses.
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