Welcome to Life Stress Areas
Please take consideration of the following before you decide to undertake this assessment:
1. this assessment represents a point in time in your life
2. this assessment does not categorise you to being anything
3. the intent of this assessment is to create awareness of potential areas of stress in your life - this is not a definitive clinical assessment
4. should the results you receive cause you concern, please seek appropriate support - we can assist with guiding you to resourceful help
5. your email address is not shared or displayed - it is collected to email your result
6. your responses are pooled to better appreciate where stress shows up for most people
7. every person who completes this assessment has access to the pooled results - no individual identifiers are collected or shown - refer to #5 above
8. please allow 48-72 hours to receive your Life Stress Indicators - we endeavour to process as quickly as possible
9. answer each question with your first natural reaction - do not over think it - remember this is a representation of how you view and assess stress at this point in time

Thanks for participating - as you discover something about yourself you are also contributing to creating a clearer understanding of have we can help people identify, manage and where possible eliminate causes of STRESS.

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