Moyameehaa - what we know: a timeline
Ahmed Rilwan (Rizwan) Abdulla, a Maldivian journalist working at, and who operates by the name @moyameehaa on the internet, has been reported missing by his family. He was last seen in the early hours on 8 August 2014 at Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal. Ever since then, his friends and family have not heard from him.

We are a concerned group of people collecting information about the things we know for sure about Rilwan (@moyameehaa), in order to gather information in one place and to publicly present it to interested medias and parties. Please add events of your meetings, interactions or conversations with @moyameehaa in the past year (for example the most recent conversation you had with him or communications), or information about him in the press (don't be concerned about repeating facts, or that it might not be relevant to the purpose). The more people who contribute as much information as possible the better. Please be as detailed as possible with regards to date, time and sources.

The aim of this is NOT to investigate the disappearance - but rather to collect all the PUBLIC sources relating to @moyameehaa's recent movements and disappearance in one collective document which can be used as a referral point. As this document will be PUBLICLY circulated, please make sure that, if you have witnessed something related to the disappearance or should you have any new information or anything that is currently NOT in the public domain such as leads, please inform the RELEVANT AUTHORITIES (the police and minivan news who are currently conducting their own investigation) rather than on this form.
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