No Apologies! LLC Coaching Request
Thank you for your interest in No Apologies! LLC coaching! We want to create a meaningful and productive coaching experience tailored just for you. Please use the questions below to provide us with information on what you are looking for, how you ride, and what you want to achieve from this lesson. If you are requesting coaching for 2-3 people, please have each individual fill out a request with a group name so that we can link requests. Prices can be found on our webpage. Let us know if you have additional questions. See you on the trail!
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What mountain biking skills would you like to improve upon?
What are your "apology triggers" - i.e. what causes you to get down on yourself or get frustrated while mountain biking?
Safety First!
Mountain biking is a risky sport. It is our goal to keep you as safe as possible, but accidents still happen. Please answer the questions below so that we can best respond to an emergency situation in the event that it arises.
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