Issue 4: "In the Moonlight" SUBmissions
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How to submit your visual or written artwork
Please submit your artwork via Twitter DM (@fetzine) or Telegram (@fetzine). Artwork will not be accepted without an accompanying Google Form submission. Please include your contact info and / or Title of Piece from above along with your content submission so we know it's you! Please keep in mind that the zine will be printed in grayscale, not in color, when producing your work!
One free contributor copy!
If one of your pieces is featured in the Zine, we'll send you one free copy of that issue if you'd like one!
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Contributors receive one copy of the issue their work is featured in for free, and can buy up to 10 copies of that issue at a special Contributor's Price of $10 each.
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Terms of Content Submission
A Contribution is defined as a visual or written work of art, submitted by its creator to be featured in the “FetZine” Zine.

By submitting a Contribution, you verify that:
•You are 18 years of age or over.
•Any and all characters featured in your piece are 18 years of age or over.
•You are the sole creator of the Contribution, or that all collaborators are listed in the credits and have authorized its use.
•You give us permission to publish the Contribution in the Zine.
•You and other Contributors have the right to buy extra issues of the Zine to distribute freely or sell at your/their leisure, potentially for profit.
•You understand that we maintain the right to reject Contributions for any reason we deem fit.
•Artwork containing underage characters or bestiality is illegal and will not be accepted.
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