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Looking to earn £10 for an hour, or less, of your time?

We ae looking for participants to complete an experiment. This is part of a project that will run in the Business, Management, and Economics School at University of Sussex.

The purpose of this project is to investigate the role of visual attention. Participants will be asked to spend up to an hour (but most likely less) on average. You will be able to decline participation at any point in the process, without any consequences, as this is a voluntary process.

The project will take place in the Jubilee building in a laboratory. Participants will be asked to sit in front of a computer and use the keyboard to indicate where some visual items, like objects, are located on the screen (or what their colour is), by pressing one of two keys. The experiments will run in the last week of June and throughout July.

No personal data will be stored; it will be anonymised such that individual participants will not be identified and a random code will be generated to store the information instead.

You can contact Ruxandra Luca (, Lecturer in Marketing, if you require more information.

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