Be a Volunteer for ZAPPCON Year 3!
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Be a Zapper!
Conventions are run on the backs of their volunteers and we'd love to have you a part of the ZappCon family. If you want to join the league, fill out the form below and submit it. We'll contact you with training and con information.

You MUST go to a volunteer meeting in order to volunteer at ZAPPCON. You will sign up for your volunteer shift(s) at a volunteer meeting.

Volunteers will handle everything from the registration desk to peace bonding cosplay weapons. GMs, also volunteering their time, should fill out this page:

We're looking for helpful, cheerful, and dependable people from Friday night set up through Sunday night tear down. Volunteers must be 18 or older. You will also be expected to attend at least one training day in the fall (two or more will be offered at different times).

Bonuses you get:
- Food and drink tickets at the Day Zero party
- Volunteers for 4 or more hours keep their volunteer shirts and buttons
- For 4 hours you earn a day pass
- For every 4 hour block you earn one priority registration for a con-sponsored game
- Put in 8 hours and you'll earn a weekend pass

Volunteer badges will be made available at the convention. Not being available for your assigned shift after accepting your badge will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and you will not be invited to volunteer again.
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