Social Study of Tango in Berlin :)


We are studying the behavior in the social environment of tango cities around the world.

- Have you ever danced tango in Berlin?
- Would you like to learn more about tango in different cities?
- Do you have three minutes to share your opinion?

Then please participate and fill in this questionnaire. It collects the information from your city and then compares the results with other cities, so you can see the differences and similarities.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be able to indicate if you would like to be notified of current and future results.. And of course – everything is ANONYMOUS.

    Please keep in mind! - OBJECTIVITY. Evaluate what you see in general (with most people) and not just what happens to you. (The idea is not to find out if you loved dancing in a city because you danced with all your friends or if you hated it because you hardly danced at all.) - COMPARE your experience with other cities that you've danced in (Bs.As., Paris ... ) to better assess the particularities of Berlin. - SINCERITY. Bending the truth does not make the data for a city seem more or less favorable, but it messes it up. Please let us know about how the situation really is like (which is also why we would like to have many participants) and help us to obtain real information. - LET’S NOT JUDGE! We are not fans of the view that there is one style or behavior that is better than the other. This is not what we are looking for! Following these points, we will be able to find out how tango differs across the world, where it tends to be more technical, more human, more educational, more fun ...

    Thanks for your participation!

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