Application form for driving school
To get a driving license as a beginner or naturalise your foreign license for a car or for a motorbike please fill in this form.

In 1-4 workdays we are sending you the "terms and conditions" and the "information".

Please read them carefully and return them signed, scanned or photographed with a mobile phone.

If you do not get any response within a week, please contact Tamás Kuti +36309482435!
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Thank you for filling the form.
We are sending you your contract, terms and contitions in a short time. Please read them carefully, and send it back with the copy of the document listed in it.

The payment instructions will be also sent. After it has payed, you can start the course.

If you have any question, see our website or call Mr Tamas Kuti (06/30/948-2435).

Please clickk on the button "Küldés". It means "Sending".

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