17 Week Season - Rule Change
This survey was created to decide how to handle the new 17 week regular season.
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The NFL has adopted a 17 week regular season. Do you feel the extra week should go towards the playoffs OR the regular season? If Playoff extension wins majority vote, we will poll specifics in the next survey. *
Assuming you selected regular season extension, in FFWC we currently have 2 all-play weeks (where the top 6 scorers get a weekly win) and then you play each team exactly once. Would you just want to add an additional all-play week to this schedule?
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Assuming you selected to add an all play week, would you rather see the all-play week replace week 3 OR replace week 14? - The argument for an all play week added early in the season, is you're still feeling out your roster so playing an opponent who may be elite is somewhat mitigated. You just have to make the top six. The argument for an all play week added late in the season is the impact of bad teams that are tanking or have quit are somewhat mitigated, so they can't affect the outcome as much as previously. In order to win, you just have to make the top six scorers.
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Dynasty players - We currently have all-play weeks 1 and 13. This would obviously move the second all-play week from wk13 to wk14, but for the third week, would you rather add the all-play to week 2 or week 13? Only answer if you play or plan on playing Dynasty here at Fulltime.
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Off topic - Would you consider playing in a separate, single entry, 2QB or Superflex contest this season?
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Anything else you'd like to share or comment on?
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