Please share your thoughts on our story about taxi drivers who went on hunger strike to get a better deal from their local mayor.
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Your (anonymous) feedback will help us continue producing stories about Asian Americans who are taking action to serve their community, when our democratic institutions are not responding effectively to their needs.

We will also share your feedback with mission-driven funding partners to show that these stories do have a wide range of impacts on readers, and deserve to be supported with resources for Asian American journalism.

Thanks for listening, sharing your thoughts, and making our work possible!

The teams at AZI Media and Self Evident
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1. Did you experience any of the following results by listening to this story? (check all that apply) *
2. If you took a real-world action after listening to this story, which of the following apply? (check all that apply)
3. If you checked any of the above, please describe the one action that felt most impactful to you.
4. What's one question you feel could have been better answered or explored by this story?
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7. We'd like to better understand the community you live in. What county do you live in, and how would you describe it? *
8. Which ethnicity best describes you? Please check any that you feel apply and provide a more specific description in "Other" if you'd like. *
9. Are you interested in participating in a listener conversation about how Asian Americans can play a role in advancing democracy in the U.S.? If yes, please tell us your name and email address. Your survey answers will remain anonymous wherever the survey data is presented.
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