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RESPONDING to a job listing, poachable, or anything else you saw in OLE?
Please 1. cut-and-paste what you are responding to and 2. respond super briefly, adding links as necessary.
LOOKING TO LIST something new on OLE? (e.g., a poachable listing, a job listing, a cool giveaway, etc.)
Be brief. *POACHABLE EXAMPLE*: "C-level exec/founder of an on-demand marketplace startup looking for next gig (NY)". NOTE: If you are not the poachable you're listing, please include that person's name and a link to their bio. All poachable listings are anonymous, unless otherwise requested; *JOB LISTING*: Please follow this format: "[YOUR NAME], [link to preferred bio] is hiring [3-4 word job description w/ optional link] (location)"; *GIFT IDEAS or TRAVEL TIPS*: "[YOUR NAME], [link to preferred bio] suggests [the thing, w/ relevant link if you have one]"; *RAISING MONEY*: "Company name w/ optional link and/or 3-5 word co description, stage of company, amount raising, city."
Please give us their 1. full name, 2. email address, 3. location and 4. brief description of who they are and how you know them.
Tell us how we helped you find that awesome gig, great hire, matched you with a great investment/funding, etc. Or tell us how we can improve. We'd love to hear it all!
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