Diasporasian Mythologies - A Digital Anthology
A Col.lab Incubator workshop series developed by Project 40 Collective in partnership with Art Starts, Platform A
Workshop Descriptions
TEXT: (led by Rudrapriya Rathore)

The stories we believe about ourselves aren't always the stories others believe about us. How do we reconcile the myths of Western progress with the current news cycles coming out of North American politics, or the Canadian cultural mosaic with the mythologizing of the "good immigrant"? How do we absorb narratives of morality, femininity, desire, and beauty, and how can we create our own narratives more consciously, using all resources available to us, in order to serve our unique self-expressions?

During workshop, we will explore different forms of text-based expression and how they might affect us in specific ways. This is an open, non-judgmental space for us to think about language in flexible ways and work on our individual pieces while making use of helpful, constructive criticism. Your emotions are welcome.

Thursday, March 9 (3-5)
Thursday March 16 (3-5)
Sunday, March 19 (3-5)

CLAY: (led by Christie Wong)

Reiteration is a prominent part of the designing of mythologies within the milieu of our ever changing world. This workshop will explore the relationship between the self and the group in interaction with our cultural and environmental context through the process of clay work and/or claymation; experimenting with effective and affective changes as perspectives shift in time and space. How we tell our stories creates a story and substantiates key movements that create a mythological ethos. As immigrants, nomads, travelers and explorers of the world, we strive to create myth and yearn to straddle legacy through our movements, adaptation and shifts in perspective, both internally and externally. This workshop will be a highly expressive exploration of change throughout our life story; we will experiment with types of movement and iterations with our bodies and clay - shifting our perception of the story at each turn. Dress comfortably and be ready to frolic within a mess of contradictory perspectives.

Sunday, March 5 (2-4)
Sunday, March 12 (2-4)
Sunday, March 26 (2-4)

IMAGE: (led by Wenting Li)

Myths tell sprawling stories of a magical, distant past – but often also reveal things about the present-day teller too. We each take something unique from the myths we hear or are told; we remember different things, and find different aspects to be affecting. Each person brings their life experiences and idiosyncrasies to bear on the collective story. Similarly, our singular visions of the world translate into a personal artistic voice. In the Image workshop, participants will be led through activities that help each of them translate the personal into an illustration that can be shared, and that is effective at communicating their narratives. The workshop will cover the process of creating an illustration from ideation to final critique, and touch on the commercial and business sides of illustration.

Saturday, March 4 (2-5PM)
Saturday March 11 (2-5PM)

FILM: (led by Haaris Qadri)

Mythologies form archetypes in story-telling- they have created universal meanings that exist within all cultures. Thematic statements and archetypal characters in modern story-telling can be derived from mythologies.
In this workshop series I want to explore the distorted nature of myths that occur after the constant re-telling- which often skews the original meaning, story and plot. As Asians living in diaspora, it will be interesting to examine the changes that have occurred in the narratives that have been passed down to us, critiquing our North American understanding of stories, themes and characters. My aim is to open and guide the various possibilities to explore the medium of video using a conventional story-telling or experimental alternative.

Friday, March 17 (1-3PM)
Tuesday March 21 (2-4PM)
Friday March 24 (1-3PM)

Please ensure you can make all the workshop times before signing up for your preferred series!

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