Short Survey: Helping Students Find Freedom From Cycles of Trauma and Violence.
Project EVERS is a 5-year federal grant designed to develop trauma-informed communities, schools and classrooms for the purpose of breaking cycles of violence and trauma in the lives of rural students and their families. Help us move forward by taking this SHORT 3-minute survey.
What is your position in the school or community?
If "Other," how would you describe your position?
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What is your district or community? (check all that apply)
If "Other," what is your district or community?
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My community is aware of and committed to breaking cycles of trauma and violence in the lives of students.
My community and the school district generally work well together.
Our school district and families/guardians of children in need of intervention generally work well together.
To what extent do you need new training/materials to work with students and/or develop your own skills to recognize and offer quality resources and referrals that address student needs affected by trauma or violence?
When intervention is needed, involved agencies and the school district generally work well together.
School staff are well prepared to address student needs related to trauma or violence.
Our district has a clear and effective plan in place to decrease violent, aggressive, and disruptive behavior in students.
Our district effectively connects students suffering from exposure to violence or trauma to appropriate mental health services.
Appropriate mental health services are readily available in our area.
Exposure to violence and/or trauma affects student’s educational engagement in our district.
Our district has a clear and effective plan to support students affected by violence/trauma and increase their engagement.
Would you be interested in knowing the results of this survey, and/or possibly helping your community better serve students ensnared in cycles of trauma and violence?
If yes, please provide your email or best contact info.
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