School Issues Survey Spring 2019
I believe we should have half school days for working purposes.
I believe we shouldn't have open campus lunch.
I believe open campus lunch would cause problems.
I believe open campus lunch would be a bad idea.
What problems or issues would we have if students had open campus lunch?
I believe there should be open campus lunches.
With open campus lunch there are more food options.
With open campus lunch you get some time before you have to sit in 80 minute classes.
With open campus lunch you have extra time to get some things done.
With open campus lunch you can get the food you would like.
I am interested in going into any art or art related careers.
I believe that there should be more art programs at this school.
I have always been able to get into an art related class with no scheduling conflicts.
Art club should participate in more activities and provide real world art opportunities around town.
Art careers are poorly represented at this school during Career Days and/or College field trips.
It would benefit me if I went to school on an A day and go to my job (trade school, college class) on a B day.
With a later school time you can have more time to sleep.
School needs start at a later time.
I have been tardy and missed school because of how early I have to wake up.
I live further away and spend too much time driving to school and become late.
My job and/or extra curricular take up most of my day and makes me lose sleep.
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