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1) Why are you wanting to speak with Martha?
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2) If you were living as your fully awakened soul and light, how would your life be different and/or the same to how your life is now?
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3) How much do you want to open to your fully awakened self and fully awakened life?
I don't want that at all.
I want that with all that I am.
4) What do you feel are your current obstacles to opening to and living as your fully awakened self? (Include any and all things you feel might be obstacles for you - emotional, physical, financial, any thought patterns you might have, any messages from others, etc.)
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5) How committed are you to finding solutions to these obstacles and working toward overcoming them?
That is really not worth my time or energy right now.
Overcoming these obstacles and stepping into my fully awakened life is my top priority. I am fully committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
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