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Please use this form to apply for or renew your membership of the Norwood Symphony Orchestra. Membership entitles you to vote at Annual and Special General Meetings and be involved on the Committee. Your membership fee contributes greatly to the annual expenses of the orchestra, such as venue hire, conductor and soloist honorariums, music costs, insurance premiums and website hosting.

New players are welcome to try-out the orchestra for up to 4 weeks, without any obligation to become a member. After that, it is generally expected that all regular players become financial members.

The Committee has determined that membership fees are due by 31st March or 8 weeks after joining the orchestra (whichever is later). Your membership remains valid until the conclusion of the next AGM in February.

Your privacy is taken seriously. Responses are only accessible to Committee members with an account on the NSO domain.

Please contact the treasurer at if you have any questions.

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If you are a prospective member and have not yet been invited to join the orchestra, please contact the secretary at for membership approval. As per the constitution, the Conductor is responsible for approving all new membership applications.
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Note that pro rata fees apply if joining part-way through the year. Please contact the treasurer at for more information.
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