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During the StartUP Conference there will be 3 workshops:

Saturday (the two workshops this day will be happening simultaneously so choose only ONE)
3pm - 5pm - Public Speaking with Nikolay Neykov (CAPACITY: 45 people)
Learn how to confidently stand up in from of an audience from one of the founders of Sofia Debate Association.
LOCATION: ABF 3rd floor

3pm - 5pm - Sales: the necessary evil or universal medicine for companies and Business process management with Deloitte Professionals (CAPACITY 50 people)
Sales for non-sales people, i.e. everybody

3pm - 5pm - How to engage your audience and create a remarkable presentation with Boris Hristov (CAPACITY: 100 people)
LOCATION: Balkanski Academic Center Auditorium
Have you recently been at a boring presentation? And, what about that one that got your attention and kept you on the edge of your chair? Why did that happen? Can you also create such an engaging presentation? In this workshop, we will take a look behind the scenes. We will go deep into what makes a presentation memorable and I will show you what is the "formula" that will not only explain you why some presentations are talked about, but also, how you can apply this "algorithm" and make sure that your talks will be truly effective. Yes, we use this "trick" in the presentations we create for our customers and yes, one of them just recently closed a multimillion dollar deal because of it! Should be fun, right?

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