ARES Event Participation Report
This form is for recording ARES participation in drills, training, disasters, nets, and public service events.  

All ARES related events and gatherings can be recorded using this form.  It is only necessary to know the name and date of the event, how many ARES members participated, and either the duration of the event, if most hams were present for the entire event, or the person-hours used for the event.  The person-hours are necessary if many hams checked-in and checked-out over the course of the event.

For the purpose of disasters, nets, and public service events, all ham radio operators are counted.  For drills and training, only registered ARES members are counted.  The call sign of each participant is required, especially for ARES members.  ARES member call signs are used to keep track of training and participation in nets, training, drills, and public service events.
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Event *
Name of the event being reported.
Event Date *
The date the event actually took place.  If the event covers multiple days, please use a separate report for each day.
Number of Participants *
The total number of ham radio participants that were active in this event. Don't forget to inlcude yourself.
Particpants *
Pleaes list the call signs (and call signs only) for all participants, including yourself.  This information is recorded.
Duration *
Duration of the event in hours and minutes (hh:mm)
Person Hours
This is optional only if all of the participants were present for the whole event.  Otherwise, total up the person-hours for each participant and enter it here.  This number will be a decimal number of hours (1 hour 30 minutes = 1.5 hours)
Submitted By *
Your call sign
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