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Hello friends! Welcome to my ”shop“! Please read all the info on this form very carefully, and approach me via email ( if you have any concerns or questions!
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You can get any image you've ever seen on my portfolio or social media as a print. Just tell me as precisely as you can which image you’d like! Please use the “other” option to voice your wishes! Otherwise, here’s some suggestions for you.

There’s two sizes: M is roughly A4 (~8.3 x 11.7 inch) minus borders depending on the image, S is roughly A5 (~) minus borders. If you want something bigger or even smaller, please approach me for a quote.

S size prints are 6€ plus shipping, M size 10€.

Print choices
How many of each, and which size? This is a necessary field because I obviously need to know. I will not process your order until you tell me. Example: “First Snow, M, 2x; First Snow, S, 3x”. If you’re only buying merch and no prints, just type: Sormik invented love *
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Would you like me to cut off the white borders for you?
As of now, I sell charms! All charms are one-sided and come with little black straps to attach to your phone, keychain, or whatever! All charms on sale right now for only 6,50€ per piece plus shipping.
How many of each? If you do not fill this out, I will assume you want only one copy of each item you ordered. Please only leave this out if you aren’t ordering any merchandise. Example: “Lord of the Mountain, wood, 2x; hedgehog, 3x”
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That I obviously need to process your order
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If you choose to use Paypal or Payoneer, please indicate your Paypal/Payoneer email (if the same as above, please just copypaste it so I know you didn’t forget to fill this out)
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Questions or concerns
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What happens next?
I’ll email you back within 48 hours, looking up for you how much shipping costs for your order to your country would be. To most countries and for most packages, it's 5,45€, but I'll check for you. If you still want to buy, I will send you an invoice (email if you choose bank transfer or email + Paypal if you choose Paypal).

I will ship out your order once I have received your payment. Depending on which print you ordered, I might not have it in stock, so please allow me to restock first as needed. I can give you an estimate how long restocking will take and when your order is ready to be shipped as soon as I know exactly what you want. All of this will be discussed indivually via email.

No refunds unless you return the items to me in the state you received them in.

Thank you for your interest!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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