Women for Orgasms Survey
All responses will be kept anonymous, so please answer honestly.
Have you ever had an orgasm before? *
Do you masturbate? *
Have you ever had sex? (with a person of any gender) *
Did you learn to masturbate prior to your first sexual experience? *
Have you ever had an orgasm during sex? *
If you have had an orgasm during sex, how often? *
Have you ever faked an orgasm during sex? *
If you struggled to orgasm during sex, would you consider seeking medical advice? *
What is the gender identity of your preferred sexual partners? *
Do you feel uncomfortable talking about orgasms with others? *
I'm totally uncomfortable talking about orgasms with anyone
I would shout about orgasms in public with my grandmother
If you have had sexual partners of different genders, have you noticed a difference in your ability to have an orgasm? (based on your partners attention to your enjoyment) Please elaborate if you feel comfortable doing so.
Do you have any additional comments on this topic? (general comments, queries, or experiences to share) NOTE: This survey is completely anonymous.
We would really appreciate if you would send this to anyone that identifies as female! THANK YOU!!!
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