BHSAT XXVII Registration
The official registration form for Yale's BHSAT XXVII quiz bowl tournament, to be held on 10 February, 2018.
School Name: *
Name of coach or other contact: *
Contact phone number: *
Contact email address: *
Number of teams: *
The base fee is $90 for the first team, and $85 for any additional teams from the same school.
Number of FUNCTIONAL buzzer systems you will bring: *
Each working buzzer system gives a -$5 discount to the team that brings it.
Number of staffers (moderators or scorekeepers) you will bring: *
Lunch will be provided for all staffers, in addition to a -$5 discount to the team that brings them. We'd like to encourage any team that can bring staffers to do so.
Will you be traveling over 200 miles to get to New Haven? *
There is a -$10 for taking such great lengths to get to BHSAT.
Do you need an invoice prior to 13 February? *
If not, you will receive a paper invoice the day of the tournament.
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