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請花片刻回答以下問題,幫我們改善 tööf。

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Is this your first time to use a self-guided learning tool? 這是你第一次使用自助學習工具嗎? *
How would you rate your overall experience with tööf? 整體而言,tööf 的使用經驗如何? *
How much has tööf boosted your creative thinking? 你認為 tööf 有多能刺激你的創意思維? *
Very little 很少
Very much 很多
How much has tööf stimulated your sensory aspects? 你認為 tööf 有多能提升你的感官經驗? *
Very little 很少
Very much 很多
How easy was it to use tööf when viewing art? 觀展時,tööf 容易使用嗎? *
Very difficult 很難
Very easy 很易
Does tööf lengthen the time that you normally spend in front of an artwork? 你認為 tööf 有延長你欣賞每件作品的時間嗎? *
Will you use tööf while visiting other art exhibitions? 你參觀其他展覽時會帶上 tööf 嗎? *
Do you prefer printed version or digital version? 你喜歡實體版還是電子版? *
Tell us more. How do you think we can improve tööf? 還有其他想法嗎?我們可以如何改善 tööf ?
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