Parents of UC undergraduates support the striking Academic Workers

UC Parents - Sign the letter below and demand the University of California bargain in good faith and reach a fair agreement with striking Academic Workers.

Dear President Drake,

As parents of students at University of California, we stand with UAW 5810, UAW 2865, and SRU-UAW members´ demands for better working conditions, a living wage, and a university that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. A fair wage is essential to drawing a robust, diverse group of graduate students and other Academic Workers; without this, the university is limiting the opportunity to those who can afford to work for less than a living wage.

According to the UC 2022 Accountability Report, nearly 4 in 10 of our children will soon attend graduate school. As parents, we will want them to be paid a fair wage. We support our children’s future by supporting today’s graduate students.   

We also support their present. UAW members' working conditions are our children’s learning conditions. We recognize that the labor of these workers, the graduate student instructors, TAs, tutors, postdocs, and academic, and student researchers at this university are essential to its operations, and the education our children are receiving requires that they are able to show up fully to their work.

UAW is supporting we parents and our children by not calling for undergraduates to boycott their classes or not cross the picket line but instead by joining strikers on the picket lines and at rallies whenever possible. Our children’s education is at the heart of this strike and we agree that UC must address the workers’ issues to be able to continue to provide the world-class education we sent our children here to obtain.  

These workers are the people who are teaching many of our children’s lessons and providing feedback on their work. They are the first people our children go to with questions and their support is essential to our children’s ability to learn. UAW members are indispensable to their learning, and the quality of our children’s education is directly dependent on this labor being valued. A university that is invested in providing a high-quality education to its students is a university that pays its workers well and supports them professionally. 

UAW members cannot show up fully to their work when they are not being paid a wage that keeps up with a rapidly increasing cost of living in California when they are struggling to make rent or afford necessities, when they are not being supported in their roles as caretakers, or when they are not being protected from bullying or harassment in the workplace. To ensure that workers are supported, the university must bargain in good faith and come to an agreement on a fair contract for UAW members. As parents of undergraduate students at this university, we stand in solidarity with UAW members in their demands for wages that keep up with the cost of living, access to public transportation, equity in the workplace, better job security, and protection from bullying or harassment.

We demand that the UC bargain fairly with UAW and give them contracts they need and deserve. Our goal is to support our academic workers to win a fair contract and we as parents of undergraduates will do whatever is needed to make sure that happens. If the UC's bad-faith bargaining doesn't end and UAW workers continue the strike, we will be in full support and joining them on the picket line.


Parents for a FairUC

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