Funny Bones Improv New City Start-up Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in Funny Bones Improv! We are thrilled and would love to come to your town. First, we have a simple questionnaire for you to consider and respond. And please keep in mind...there are no wrong answers - this is a jumping off point and we look forward to getting to know you and to building a Funny Bones Improv community with you in your city.
What is your full name?
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What city and state do you want Funny Bones Improv to set-up in?
Your answer
Do you have improv training?
If yes, where and when did you train?
Your answer
If no, do you have someone else in mind to run the program in your city? (If yes, please have them fill out this questionnaire too)
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Do you have a relationship with a Children's hospital?
If yes, have they shown interest in our programming?
Please list the Hospital and Contact info here:
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Will your schedule allow for you to be the Program Director in your city? (Please see responsibilities and time commitment listed on website)
Do you have a team of at least 5 players willing to dedicate time to Funny Bones Improv on a volunteer bases?
If no, are you prepared to hold auditions?
If yes, they will need to fill out the Volunteer Survey
Are you willing to research and share information on potential funders in your region?
Are you willing to help with Marketing/PR efforts, including but not limited to supplying executive director with local contact information for local media.
Phone number
Your answer
Your answer
That's it! Thank you so much for your interest in Funny Bones Improv and we will be in touch!
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