Sexual Assault Survey
The Tiger Newspaper is trying to collect statistics about sexual assault involving Central students. Please complete this form as honestly as possible because your answers are anonymous. We are also collecting anonymous records of incidences that you have experienced. If you are interested in contacting us about sharing your story anonymously, please leave a phone number in the final answer box of the survey and we will reach out to you. Please also remember that the National Sexual Assault Hotline is available 24 hours a day and can be reached at 1-800-656-4673.
What is your gender? *
What is your current grade level? *
What is your race? *
How do you describe your sexual orientation? *
Has someone ever made sexual remarks/ jokes that made you uncomfortable or were offensive to you? *
Has someone ever made inappropriate comments about your or someone else's body or sexual activity? *
Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a teacher because of things they have said or done? *
Have you ever been "catcalled"? *
Has someone ever asked you an inappropriate sexual question that made you uncomfortable? *
Has someone ever sent you an unwanted explicit photo? *
Has anyone ever black-mailed you with an explicit photo of you or sent out an explicit photo of you without your permission? *
Has someone ever continually asked you to be in a relationship or have sex with them even though you have repeatedly said no? *
Has anyone ever touched/grabbed/kissed you without consent or when you were unable to give consent? *
Have you ever been in a sexual situation where you felt like you couldn't say no? *
Has someone ever forced you into having sex when you didn't give consent? *
Have you ever felt pressured into participating in an intimate situation? *
Have you ever been taken advantage of while you were incapacitated or unable to give consent? *
If you've been in any of the described situations, how did you respond? *
If you are willing to anonymously share your story, please leave your phone number and we will contact you via text for further information.
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